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Mirror DIY
7 Oct 2014
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Barnes & Noble

I saw the above mirror in a boutique for about $100 and thought it seemed like something John and I could make for much less expensive. Our total cost for two of these mirrors was under $10. We did have a lot of materials already from other various projects so we really only had to buy the mirrors.


Materials needed for one mirror:

Nail Gun
12 inch Wooden Circle (Base)
3-4 Tree branches about 1–1.5 inches in diameter and 4-5 feet long
7 inch Circle Mirror
Spray adhesive

John did most of the more complicated tasks like cutting the wooden circle base, but this is something that could be purchased from a local craft store or online. The most challenging aspect of this project is cutting the branches into angle disks. John put his saw blade at 90 degrees and then eyed the angled cut. He estimates that it is a 30 – 40 degree angle.

This project could be executed in various ways, but here is a rough outline of how we completed it:

1. Cut 12 inch circle out of plywood, about .5 inches thick or use a purchased pre-cut circle


2. Cut about 75 angled twig pieces, that are roughly 1 inch wide and 1.5 – 3 inches long

3. Position and glue mirror to the center of the wooden circle


4. Place outer row of disks so that about half of the disk hangs off the top edge of the wooden circle base.
(Outer row was 28 disks).

5. Once all pieces fit and look nice, use the nail gun to nail at the bottom edge of the disk to the wooden base.


6. Repeat with second and third layer and make sure the top of each new row slightly overlaps the previous row.
(Second layer used 24 and inner layer used 23)

The third row is a bit tricky, the top of the disk must slightly overlap the second row and the bottom of the disk should slightly overlap the mirror to conceal the edge of it. I drove the nails more through the center for this row.

I had the easy part of putting all of the pieces together and it went really fast and they turned out pretty good.

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