Craft Room Redo

8 Mar 2017

It's done! My little craft room is finally finished and organized just how I had envision about a year and a half ago when we moved in. I had the "bones" done, but just recently put the finishing touches on everything. I must take a moment to brag on my hubs.

This giant pegboard that I had been wanting to do, I showed him a few inspirations I had found and mentioned that I would like to make it (myself) for this space and suddenly he was on it, ready to just do it for me. I didn't even ask for his help or really think I would tackle it for a while, so it was really nice. I don't know what I did to deserve him. Okay, now that I have made you all barf, back to the space.

I always love seeing where famous creatives get their work done. Most seem to fall at polar opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to messy versus clean/sparse. I often think of Eistein's quote on the matter, which always seemed to imply - tidy desk = dumb, but there were a few anal minimalist that seemed to do just fine (see Steve Jobs - but maybe that's not the best example errr yeah not going there). Anyhoo,

I fall somewhere in the middle. My desk at work it usually cluttered, but not a mess - at home, it varies. I will say that I like things very tidy, I get very anxious in a messy environment, but things can get chaotic due to time constraints.

I have noticed one strange preference in my workplace(s) and that is I like a white surface. That is why my kitchen is white and here you will find mostly white. Somehow it feels cleaner to me and it is more like a blank slate. I will link sources below and hopefully get a diy up of this peg board - I am in love (and it was pretty inexpensive and easy)!



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